Regular/Project recruitment


How to submit your documents:


As a necessary condition for applying for admission to doctoral school, you must contact your potential supervisor in advance in order to obtain his/her agreement to undertake the supervisorship. The statement also requires the signature of the Chair of the Disciplinary Council and the Head of the Institute/Department where the doctoral dissertation will be carried out. You can download the attachment here.

List of scientific supervisors

How to start preparing the documents?

  1. Create an account in the Recruitment Portal using your private e-mail account.
  2. Log in to the Recruitment Portal and fill in the Recruitment Form.
  3. After completing the form, you will be able to download and print an Application for admission to the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School at the University of Łódź.
  4. Sign the Application and the personal data protection clause.


Remember to submit a complete set of documents on the e-mail address:, the list of required documents will help you.

Legible scans (.pdf) or photos (.png, .jpg) of the required documents should be uploaded to the recruitment system. The quality of the files (their readability) and their compliance with the requirements will be confirmed by the system - you will receive information that the documents have been accepted or rejected and for what reason - you must then upload corrected/improved documents.

1. application form - generated from the Recruitment Portal

2. confirmation of submission of documents generated from the Recruitment Portal is not required

3. Diploma + Transcript of Records/supplement :

  • a legalized (or apostille-stamped) diploma of the first and second degree, as well as a legalized (or apostille-stamped) document confirming the course of study of the first and second degree (a supplement or ToR referred to in section 1 item 5)
  • certified translation (into Polish or English) of the documents listed in section 1 if the originals of these documents have been issued in a language other than Polish or English (the submission of a certified translation of documents does not replace the obligation to submit the original documents in the language in which they were issued by the university)
  • a statement of the University that the obtained, by the applicant, second-cycle diploma entitles the him/her to apply for the conferment of the academic degree of doktor in the country where the diploma has been issued;

4. Appendix 1 Declaration of the scientific supervisor with all signatures, min. 3
5. Appendix 5 Personal questionnaire of an applicant 
6. Appendix 6 - a declaration that the applicant is not a doctoral student at another doctoral school 
7. CV/resume in English + scientific achievements/results 
8. the proposed topic and the scope of research agreed with the supervisor in English 
9. two photographs - name, surname, discipline - in passport format - 35 mm X 45 mm 
10. confirmation of payment of the enrolment fee
11. a statement from the University that the second-cycle diploma entitles to apply for a degree of doktor in the country where the diploma has been issued
12. a colour photocopy of the passport or another document proving the applicant's identity and confirming his/her personal data
13. Appendix 7 Transcript of Records - if there is no ToR to the Diploma
14. Appendix 4 Application for a remote interview - (optional)
15. Appendix 8 Application for a selection of a supervisor from outside TUL - (optional)
16. Appendix 2 Application - only for beneficiaries of the "Diamond Grant" programme - only if applicable, additional attachment


The most common mistakes you can avoid:

Mistakes in the document prepared in the Recruitment Portal:
- Write your full address correctly

- Enter the professional title (e.g. M.Sc.)

- Enter information about the country in which you obtained your secondary school certificate

Errors concerning necessary attachments:
Master's degree with supplement - should be signed by the holder if there is a signature box on the document (check under the photo).


Before you apply, check Portfolio of research group


Legalisation vs. apostille

A candidate who holds a diploma issued by a country which is not a  party to the Hague Convention shall submit legalised documents.
A candidate holding a diploma issued by a country that is a party to the Hague Convention shall submit documents with an apostille.
You can check whether a country is a party to the Hague Convention by visiting: