Dear Candidates,

Dear Doctoral Candidates,


Please find below the information about accommodation at Hall of Residence at Academic Campus of TUL


The following documents: 

1. The Regulations of Accommodation  

2. The Accommodation fees 

3. The principles of collecting deposit 

4. Application for accommodation in student hall of residence no. I, student hall of residence no. IX 

5. Declaration 

6. Personal questionnaire 

7. Confirmation of the expected date of arrival 

8. Confirmation from IDS office for admission to IDS TUL


The application for accommodation are proceeded by the Doctoral Candidates’ Accommodation Committee for the Lodz University of Technology („komisję właściwą ds. zakwaterowań doktorantów Politechniki Łódzkiej” in the specified by the DCA Committee terms. In order to contact with the DCA Committee please write to:


In order to submit your application please send the set of documents to


The DCA Committee deliberates on scheduled dates, but it is possible to organize the  DCA Committee meeting beyond the deadline to examine the requests individually. In this situation, please contact



Please provide as with the information about your expected date of arrival (Annex nr 7) and please include this in the email to What is more, please be aware that the room will reserved for one month (30–day) from the date of the expected arrival. In the event of a delay of arrival, it is necessary to provide an application for the extension with justification and a copy of the document confirming the circumstances (why the delay has happened). 


In case of positive decision about your accommodation, the formal registration is fully completed by submitting documents personally in hard copies of all required documents upon you arrival  – application and annexes. 


In case you apply for marriage room for your spouse or partner please provide the appropriate document confirming marital status. 



When you make a copy of your passport please cross the copy with pen and write at the bottom of the page "I provide the copy of my passport for the purpose of accommodation" and place the date and your handwritten signature.



Please combine all files into one file and name NameSurname_IDS e.g. AnnaKowalska_IDS. The file should consist of :

1. Application for accommodation

2. The copy of the passport with the indicated notice as in “IMPORTANT 2”

3. Signed Declaration (two signatures, each below the statement) as files attached at the bottom of the page

4. The copy of the confirmation of admission to IDS

5. Confirmation of the expected date of arrival

6. Document confirming marital status (if applies)



As soon as you arrive to Poland, please contact with IDS Office to get the necessary stamps and confirmation from IDS Office (section H in Application for accommodation), because you need to submit all documents in hard copies (original copies) to Halls of Residence, apart from the confirmation of admission to IDS – it can be a copy of the document.




The Accommodation Team would like to kindly inform you that all doctoral students interested in residence in the IX DS in the academic year 2021/2022 are asked to send a copy of application for accommodation and copy of all necessary documents on e–mail address : on 26.09. – 09.10.

The completeness of applications will be checked on 09.10. 16.10.

In the period 16.10. – 23.10. please provide the original of the application together with the documents to the chairperson of the committee, Aleksandra Chuda, who lives in room 507B in the IX DS Lodz University of Technology (after prior arrangement of the time by email).

The list of necessary documents:

  • Application for accommodation
  • Copy of passport with date, full signature and agreement : ,,I provide the copy of my passport for the purpose of accommodation”
  • Confirmation of the excepted date of arrival
  • Declaration with date and full signature
  • Personal questionnaire
  • Confirmation of the admission to IDS (it can be in polish language)
  • If the doctoral student applies to live with his/her spouse – it should also be attached: copies of the husband's/wife's passport with signature, date and agreement to the processing of personal data;  document confirming marital status. If the husband/wife are students - a certificate from the dean's office confirming the student status.

Declaration and the personal questionnaire completed by the husband/wife.


By hand–signing the application, it is tantamount to confirming the accuracy of the data provided. Incomplete applications will not be considered. THE APPLICANT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE COMPLETENESS OF APPLICATIONS. If you have any questions, please contact us by e–mail at:

Please do not leave applications at the dormitory reception desk.

IMPORTANT : Students of foreign universities coming to study at the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School of Lodz University of Technology pay a deposit of PLN 1,000 upon accommodation.

Accommodation Team


Please also visit TUL Residential Area 

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