Dear PhD Candidates,

on behalf of the Director of the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School of the Lodz University of Technology, please find enclosed a letter (Annex 1) and the necessary documents regarding the mid-term evaluation.

Please note that the deadline for submitting documents necessary for the mid-term evaluation, i.e .:

  • Mid-Term Report (Annex 2)
  • Supervisor declaration regarding the admission of the PhD Candidate to the mid-term evaluation (Annex 4)

passes on May 16, 2022.

Documents should be delivered to the IDS TUL in hard copy during the doctoral candidates' office hours.

According to the schedule (Annex 5), the mid-term evaluation will take place on June 6-15, 2022. The exact date and time of the mid-term evaluation will be communicated to you by e-mail at a later date.

The composition of the Committee appropriate for the given disciplines will be made public (on the website of IDS TUL) immediately after their appointment.

During the mid-term evaluation, it will be necessary to provide a prepared 15-minute presentation on a prepared template (Annex 6). Both the report and the presentation must be prepared in English - the exceptions are PhD Candidates pursuing implementation doctorates.

The following factors will be taken into account in the mid-term evaluation:

  1. Assessment of the timeliness of the implementation of the work schedule on the doctoral dissertation and its compliance with the individual research plan;
  2. Assessment of the progress in the implementation of the education program;
  3. Assessment of the scientific and / or artistic achievements as well as the popularization achievements related to IRP of a doctoral student / doctoral student;
  4. Assessment of the presentation prepared and delivered by the doctoral student;
  5. Assessment of the replies to the questions from the mid-term evaluation committee.

The condition for the publication by the Doctoral Student referred to in § 10 it. 6 in Resolution No. 5/2021 of the Senate of the Lodz University of Technology of March 31, 2021 on the adoption of the Regulations of the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School of the Lodz University of Technology does not apply to PhD students who started their education at IDS TUL before the academic year 2021/2022.

If you have additional questions, please kindly contact the IDS TUL at  or by phone 42 631 28 55.



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