Physical Sciences

Advisors and supervisors lists:


- prof. dr hab. inż. Katarzyna Pernal, Institute of Physics, quantum chemistry, molecular physics, molecular quantum mechanics, 0000-0003-1261-9065, 


- prof. dr hab. inż. Jolanta Prywer, Institute of Physics, crystal growth from solutions, biogenic crystals, biomineralisation, 0000-0001-5161-2785,


dr hab. inż. Jaromir Tosiek, prof. uczelni, Institute of Physics, mathematical foundations of quantum mechanics, 0000-0002-3565-267x,


- dr hab. inż Adam Chudecki, prof. uczelni, Center of Mathematics and Physics, complex methods in general theory of relativity and in 4-dimensional geometry, 0000-0003-2837-8518,


- dr hab. inż. Maciej Dems, prof. uczelni, Institute of Physics, photonics, optical devices modeling, numerical methods, 0000-0002-5576-1021,


- prof. dr hab. inż. Tomasz Czyszanowski, Institute of Physics, Photonics, semiconductor lasers modeling, 0000-0002-0283-5074,


- dr hab. inż. Mariola Buczkowska, prof. uczelni, Institute of Physics, physics of liquid crystals, numerical simulations of physical phenomena of liqu

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